NQS advice and support

Are you preparing for assessment and rating or looking for the next phase in your quality improvement journey?


As a  highly experienced EC professional Lee will draw on 30 years of knowledge and experience as a Validator, Approved Provider, ECT, Director, trainer, assessor and consultant to undertake an analysis of your service and practices against the National Quality Standard.

You will receive a written report identifying recommendations to support you and your team to build on current practices toward meeting/exceeding the National Quality Standard.

Leadership and management

Whether you are an experienced, beginning or an emerging leader the opportunity to connect with and engage in ongoing professional discussions with an experienced other is key to professional growth.


Leadership and management roles in education and care are complex and require knowledge not only of the legal requirements but also the practical implementation of all aspects of these in the day to day operations of an education and care service. In leadership and management you are also in a position of power and your own values, beliefs and practices will impact significantly on the culture of your setting. Your words and actions can inform, motivate and inspire your team to new heights or can leave your team scratching their heads and in need of direction. As a leader you need to remain grounded amidst the chaos. 

If you would like to further develop your leadership skills or explore the management aspects of the day to day operations of your setting we are here to support you.

Individualised support

One on one mentoring and support is a powerful tool for learning and development. Individualised support is tailored to meet the individual's identified goals. These goals may have been identified by the individual or can be explored through a reflective discussion where the individuals strengths and goals will be determined and prioritised through a mutually agreed upon process.

Further strategies and supports will then be explored for the individual to continue on a journey of personal and professional growth.

Tailored Professional Development

Professional development can take many forms to ensure the content and delivery meets the needs and expectations of the teams and their settings. Whether you are looking to facilitate a professional discussion at your next team meeting, a full day workshop or an ongoing learning series Lee can tailor the professional development to meet your needs. Here are a few provocations to get you thinking about what might benefit your team

  • ​Documenting children's learning - Understanding what, when and how to document

  • Understanding and working with the frameworks (EYLF, MyTOP)

  • Maximising children's learning potential - practices that build competent, capable and resilient children

  • School readiness - What does this mean and what do parents, teachers and management expect

  • Working with babies and toddlers - Providing a stimulating environment that meets their individual needs

  • Intentional teaching and reflective practices - What do I need to know and what does this look like in practice

  • Sustainability - Explore the broader meaning of sustainability and move toward embedding sustainable practices

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