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Principal Consultant

Lee Gane

Lee is a passionate, dedicated and highly experienced Education and Care professional with substantial experience and an understanding of strategic and operational business practices, service provisions, Education and Care legislation, Regulation and NQS;

•    A transformational leader with a strong belief in participatory leadership practices that support the growth and transformation of emerging leaders and professionals in the sector;
•    A professional with the rare ability to determine context of a business within wider economic and social environment and thereafter develop businesses with strong, collaborative workforces and sustainable Education and Care programs that are able to achieve excellence in Early Childhood Education and Care; and
•    An ability to critically reflect on own practices and work collaboratively together leading or within a team for business performance and outcomes.  


Lee is holds a Masters in Training and Development, Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood Education and Care a Diploma in Children's Services (Centre Based Care) and draws on many years of lived experiences in a range of roles across the Education and Care profession at a local, regional, state and national level.

With over 30 years experience working in the profession, Lee has an in-depth understanding of the day to day operations of Education and Care services. She is passionate about guiding services identified as working toward the NQS to identify and support real progress toward meeting the NQS. She has undertaken reviews for services against the National Quality Standard in preparation for Assessment and Rating and provides advice and support to services on all aspects of their operations.

As the founding Director of ECW Professional Body Lee is a strong advocate for Educators and the profession. She understands, recognises and values the critical work and expertise of the Education and Care professional. Lee is dedicated to supporting Education and Care practitioners to realise their potential, connect with and reclaim their internal passion, unite and speak up for our profession to grow a sustainable Education and Care Workforce that is valued, supported and well equipped to educate and nurture children's Belonging Being and Becoming

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